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The new paradigm in surgical learning and teaching

We are here whenever you need us and your cases are always instantly available. Everything is held in an ultra-secure data center located in the USA.

"It's a great feeling to have a group of surgeons
who've got my back. I love the honest, anonymous, unbiased advice. CosMentor has taken the hassles out of my practice."
Dr. M. Pasquale

CosMentor is the easiest way for surgeons to create, edit and store their patient cases online, safely and securely, forever.

"CosMentor's image management is amazingly
intuitive and easy to use, even though it has incredibly powerful tools. I use it everywhere and can't imagine running my practice without it."
Dr. Robert Peterson

You benefit from 1 on 1 guidance - from renowned experts or from your friends. Get the right advice and support when you need it most.

"I've read the books and, I've been to the
conferences but it's hard to apply this to my Chinese practice. My patients are different - and so am I. Since joining CosMentor, the experts talk to me about my cases instead of showing me theirs. Thank you!"
Dr. Yang

As the expert in your field, be a mentor and guide to surgeons around the world whenever you choose and wherever you may be. Enjoy complete control over what you charge.

"I've been a surgeon for almost 50 years and I'm
still amazed how much I learn when talking with others. Everyone has their own personal techniques that deserve to be shared. Please join CosMentor and share yours."
Dr. R. Flowers

Keep your Cases:

Reach the Experts:

Be the Expert:

Rest Assured:

  • Upload and organize case images and notes to our cloud servers.
  • View, manipulate, and annotate your images easily.
  • Develop and keep your collection of cases for future reference.
  • Connect with our panel of
    world-class experts.
  • Collaborate and learn:
    improve on every case.
  • Get anonymous, unbiased expert advice whenever you need it.
  • Mentor and guide your fellow surgeons.
  • Improve yourself by teaching others.
  • Enjoy the rewards of giving advice.
  • Trust the surgeons who have been there before.
  • Access your entire case archive instantly wherever you are.
  • Secure your data: HIPAA compliant encryption & backup
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