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We take care of the technology to connect the surgeons who take care of the patients.

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because everybody is unique.

CosMentor is created by surgeons for surgeons and so when we partnered with the software development team, we were careful to design something that we as surgeons felt comfortable using every day.

We value your time! We understand that surgeons are always busy and that time is money. We have designed the system to be very efficient and so all tasks can be completed within just a few minutes. Even the busiest Expert surgeons can now guide multiple cases per day with minimal time commitment. More patients can benefit from the expert’s wisdom than ever before.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything possible for your patients, and that you are linked to the finest group of mentors in the world.

CosMentor’s ease of use hides incredible power behind the scenes. It combines Case-Vault™ Image storage and viewing tools, secure communication, discussion privacy, financial transactions, an expert marketplace, infinite scalability, and 99.999999999% image durability.

The security and privacy of you and your patient's information is of utmost importance. The site is located in the United States inside highly secure datacenters which have passed the SAS 70 Type II audit and has achieved DCI DSS Level 1 PCI compliance. In addition, the datacenters have achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification.

The latest and most up to date Cloud hosted Windows 2008 R2 servers are positioned behind protective Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems. All data transmission from to your web browser uses 128 bit encryption (HTTPS/SSL), the same technology used worldwide for online credit card purchases.

We never have access to your password, so if you forget it, you'll need to reset it (don't worry; we can help you with that). No patient data of any kind (text data, conversations or photos) is ever stored on your personal computer.

Your cases are stored on our secured servers in your Case-Vault™ and transmitted to you on demand. This means you can have access to your data from any computer with Internet access. Unlike email, your CosMentor discussions are private.

Windows or Apple Mac – we use Silverlight ( as a way to enhance the usability experience of the CosMentor image management tools. So you need to download and install Silverlight which is usually straightforward.

Only practicing physicians who are licensed to perform the procedures are invited to join.

Did you know?

CosMentor allows you to share difficult cases with others

Gain the benefit of the experience of others without leaving your chair. Share photos, notes and annotations for fast and reliable help and guidance.
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CosMentor helps young surgeons pass their Board Exams

By connecting with our panel of experts, surgeons can gain valuable knowledge and the benefits of experience from some of the very best in their field. Demonstrate your entire case history using one simple resource.
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CosMentor allows surgeons to earn more from their experience

Get paid helping other surgeons around the globe, surgeons who may otherwise struggle without your help and guidance.
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