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Every patient is unique and each one presents a unique set of challenges. Collectively, the surgical community has more experience than any individual surgeon. CosMentor makes it easy for surgeons to work together to continuously improve their craft and optimize care for every patient.

Our 1 on 1 working relationship provides a better experience and reduces the amount of ‘one size fits all’ generalizations. Enjoy the benefits and specificity of personal advice.

A second set of eyes can help you tailor the technique to the patient’s individual circumstances, and give you the benefit of a broader base of experience:

Use CosMentor to find experts who love to share their knowledge. Because your goal is excellence in your field, use CosMentor to connect with other successful people and find out how you can do what they do.

Their unbiased advice is vital in the following common scenarios:

Young surgeons are faced with the daunting task of trying to perform procedures with which they have only limited experience, on very demanding patients in an oftentimes hostile business climate. The local surgical community may be unfriendly or even overtly hostile. It is very re-assuring to have mentors as close as their keyboard to help guide them through this difficult phase.

Surgeons love to share cases with colleagues and discuss the challenging issues, show off their skills and learn from suboptimal results. CosMentor makes it easy for surgeons to “buddy up” with a friend to review one or all of their cases, even if they don’t see each other very often. Sharing with friends is possible using one of our paid subscription packages.

Patients always differ from the optimal outcomes shown in books and in lectures. Sometimes a technique that is great for one patient may be bad for another. Guidance from a mentor may lead to the plan that is right for this patient.

Nothing is as vexing for a surgeon as a dis-satisfied patient - A fresh perspective from a friendly colleague can help to reassure the patient (and surgeon!) that this outcome is normal, or can point out areas for future improvement to avoid future dissatisfaction.

Board exam preparation involves intense scrutiny of a few cases, leading to a familiarization bias that makes it difficult to see all of the potential issues. Selection of appropriate mentors helps the surgeon see the case from the examiner’s perspective and better prepare.

Good surgeons want to become experts and find that they can improve more rapidly by challenging themselves to excel on every case and by having another surgeon to coach them on subtle ways to improve.

Good surgeons like to try new techniques - Even after reading the books, and seeing the lectures, it is always a challenge to perform an unfamiliar operation. The patient at hand is never exactly like the ones in the books, and it takes years of experience to know how to customize the operation to the patient, and in fact whether this patient is even an appropriate candidate for the procedure under consideration! CosMentor can help.

'Good judgment comes from bad judgment' - CosMentor hopes to help us all learn from each other’s mistakes, so that our communal wisdom will help to prevent repetition of preventable problems.

CosMentor lets us learn and improve on cases with good outcomes, but is REALLY useful when the outcome is unexpected. What is the best way to treat it? When? Who should do the treatment? When the outcome is undesirable, the surgeon always needs help, and CosMentor is there to deliver.

Everyone has something to share - You can learn from the best but everyone has the ability to be the best in their own specific area. What are you good at today? Why not become a Mentor in your specific area of expertise?

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Only practicing physicians who are licensed to perform the procedures are invited to join.

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