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The new paradigm in surgical learning and teaching

Keep your cases securely online, accessible from anywhere, moments away from sharing with experts and friends.

CosMentor changes the way you manage your case images and offers new possibilities for collaborating with colleagues.

The Internet changes everything - It is clear that we can do things today that we never thought possible even a few short years ago. Millions of people around the world are moving their business to the Cloud and that number is growing every day.

CosMentor provides two new ways you can think differently about information:

This powerful combination delivers a new way to manage your practice and provides a paradigm shift in learning and teaching.

Imagine being able to review a case while away from the clinic, manage your current cases and share them with a few mouse clicks. Imagine being able to connect with experts and have them talk about your case, rather than reading about theirs.

"Keep your Cases, Reach the Experts or Be the Expert". You choose when to share, who to share with and when you will become the expert.

Getting started is easy - It's free to sign up and begin uploading images to the CosMentor Case-Vault™ - (by the way, you always own the data, and you can retrieve it at any time). Only practicing physicians who are licensed to perform the procedures are invited to join.

Once the images are uploaded, take a moment to arrange them as you wish and add some basic case information, if you want to store patient information, go ahead, but it is also okay to leave it anonymous.

CosMentor Case-Vault™ gives you the unrestricted ability to:

Remember - Signing up for CosMentor is free to trial and we give you the ability to keep 25 cases online. If you like using Case-Vault™ and want to retain more cases then we have convenient monthly subscriptions available that match your personal case load and practice size.

Did you know?

CosMentor helps young surgeons pass their Board Exams

By connecting with our panel of experts, surgeons can gain valuable knowledge and the benefits of experience from some of the very best in their field. Demonstrate your entire case history using one simple resource.
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CosMentor allows surgeons to earn more from their experience

Get paid helping other surgeons around the globe, surgeons who may otherwise struggle without your help and guidance.
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CosMentor takes the pain out of healthcare IT

Secure, compliant, trusted and always on, CosMentor allows you to concentrate on your profession and leave the IT side of things to proven professionals.
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