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The new paradigm in surgical learning and teaching

Discover the benefits of guiding and mentoring surgeons from around the world.

CosMentor connects you with like-minded surgeons who want to refine their techniques and improve.

There is a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you helped someone to improve. Working side-by-side with a protégé is rewarding to both mentor and mentee. Coaching and Mentoring goes far beyond teaching and the results for both parties can be transformative. Mentoring allows you to round out your skills and broadens your horizons by allowing you to use your head not your hands.

Perhaps you’ve thought about expanding beyond your current sphere of influence. You may have written books or articles and presented at conferences but still aspire to have a more direct impact on positive patient outcomes.

Learn more by teaching - "To teach is to learn twice" – Joseph Joubert. 1:1 guidance is a quicker way to gain case familiarity and offer guidance because the effort is focused on a real case, not generalizing about a large variety of types of cases.

Mentors get a unique insight into what really works and you get to understand your field in ways that may have eluded you before.

There is always something new to learn - eagerness to learn and consider new ideas is one of the key factors that allow a surgeon to become an expert. Thus, even the experts, or especially the experts, can benefit from collaboration. Our Faculty Mentors genuinely love to teach and understand that teachers always learn from their students. It also provides them a way to earn money while away from the OR.

Mentors charge enough to make it worth their valuable time - CosMentor is designed to make it highly efficient for the Mentor, and keep these costs as low as possible. In addition, Mentoring improves your business network and opens up lots of new opportunities. You may want to let the sun set on your practice but not on your knowledge or contribution to the field.

Becoming a mentor is easy. Once you have signed up and logged in, select "edit profile" and then press the button called 'click here to request mentor status'.

Remember – Mentors like to be first because "the lead sled dog has the best view". It only takes 2 minutes to sign up.

Only practicing physicians who are licensed to perform the procedures are invited to join.

Did you know?

CosMentor allows you to share difficult cases with others

Gain the benefit of the experience of others without leaving your chair. Share photos, notes and annotations for fast and reliable help and guidance.
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CosMentor helps young surgeons pass their Board Exams

By connecting with our panel of experts, surgeons can gain valuable knowledge and the benefits of experience from some of the very best in their field. Demonstrate your entire case history using one simple resource.
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CosMentor takes the pain out of healthcare IT

Secure, compliant, trusted and always on, CosMentor allows you to concentrate on your profession and leave the IT side of things to proven professionals.
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